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A platform that holds your community association's board, management, and vendors to a higher standard!

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We Stand with the Homeowner

To promote the individual’s voice into all aspects of the community association industry.

Community Associations

Whether you are in a Homeowners Assocations (HOA), Common Interest Development (CIC), Property Owners Association, (POA), or Condominium Owners Association (COA) we'll be here to help the individual homeowner. By joining as a member you will also be supporting these efforts.


By signing up for a membership we will use our organization to boost the voice of all homeowner's living in associations. This means we find proposed bills and work with legislation to make them more balanced towards individual homeowners. We work with other like-minded organizations already in the city or state to advance and protect the rights of the individual.

We will watch laws at the state and federal levels and provide information on how it affects association living. Our advocacy network of individuals will also assist in spreading the word on these items.

Community Association News

We will partner with organizations that report on associations and use our network to promote those sources. Our own organization will continue to find association stories, news articles to continue to shine the light on neighborhoods like yours. We are always looking for a story, it can be a quick one-liner or more in-depth personal story about a situation you have had with an association. (these can be positive stories also!)


We cannot do it all and we have been seeking partnerships with associations resources we could find across the nation. We are looking for organizations that value the homeowner. We welcome all types of organizations from software vendors, lawyers, property managers to real estate agents. Each of them is a piece that completes this association puzzle. With that said though, we will do evaluations to determine whether they have the best interest of the homeowner.

Association living can be better!
We are here to help.

Our Platform of Services

Helping homeowner's navigate their associations.

Personalized Reports

We personalize a report of your association’s decisions, resolutions, and on-going topics for you as an individual member.

We'll keep watch of vendors, contractors and the management company your community uses. We’ll keep you informed on projects, directives, and resolutions that may impact you.

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Advocacy Network

A helpline will be available for you to get in contact with one of our advocates that will provide assistance on your individual situation.

(480) 300-4195
[email protected]

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Concierge Services

We are your personal assistant. You will have our knowledge and expertise to help assist you with all items related to your association.

Our platform will hold all historical information including; timeline of events, communications, architectural requests between you and the association.

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