About Us

About Us

Nesso Community Institute is here to support homeowners and elevate their voices. We want individuals, boards, management and vendors to be held to a higher standard. Standards that help us make decisions and resolutions based on facts, statistics, and grounded thoughts. We are focused on 3 outcomes; transparency of association boards through coverage of their meetings and actions, reporting on the status of the association to our members, and direct support through our network of advocates helpline and government advocacy efforts.

We will become the counter-balance to the existing organizations that lobby at the legislation level. We will increase the professional nature of associations through transparency, advocacy, and constant coverage. We expect associations to be run like corporations, not a pet project, side job or power grab against neighbors.


Provide support for homeowners through a platform of services that hold associations’ members, board, management, and vendors to a higher standard.


Be the platform to promote and insert the individual’s voice into all aspects of the association industry.


  • Property Rights - prioritize, promote and respect individuals and their properties
  • Transparency & Accountability - honest, humble, candid, open and inclusive towards our communities
  • Reflect - report, grade and promote self-retrospection
  • Support - be an advocate of the individual, empathize with each unique situation
  • Balanced - be professional, drive resolutions & policy through studies, statistics, and surveys


Many associations have become a liability to the individual, there are thousands of stories that are causing the individual real financial, emotional and property harm; while association’s claim fallacious arguments of harm done from the individual. We see misleading arguments, which are not backed by any study or references to any statistics.

Our starting point is with the individual, work with them and determine how we can impact the association in a positive manner. Interacting with the association should be an easy endeavor, by using our experience and knowledge homeowner's can make that happen.

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