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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I've been asked to re-authenticate / re-connect my Zoom Account, why?

There are many moving parts with service integrations. The most likely cause was our app being removed from your Zoom account. Another issue could be logging into the wrong Zoom Account.

If you still need assistance check out our troubleshooting guides and if that doesn't work contact support.

If I delete my meeting in Zoom can our community use it anymore?

Once the meeting is deleted in Zoom, Nesso is updated and the information is removed from our datastore. If the community was using that meeting, they will no longer be able to use it.

Before deleting any Zoom meetings we recommend checking with your community.

Will non-community members be able to login to our community meetings via Zoom?

The meetings are only shared within Nesso and you control who can access that information. However, if the meeting information was shared by another person, then yes a non-community member could access it.

If you would like to prevent that, please get in contact with sales and support. Nesso provides operators for community meetings, which can help reduce the unauthorized access to community meetings.

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